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About the Bracelets

All the 14k Gold beads that we use are filled as opposed to plated, they have 100% more Gold alloy than Gold plated which gives our bracelets a higher durability, longer life-span, and low skin sensitivity. They are tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and will not peel. All bracelets are made with 4mm beads. 

Our bracelets are made using jewellery elastic and a choice of beads:

    • 14k Gold filled
    • Sterling Silver
    • Semi-precious gemstone in black agate onyx frosted matt

Size Guide 

Our bracelets are designed to be snug around the wrist, however they should not  feel tight or uncomfortable. All our bracelets are made with jewellery elastic which have a reasonable wear and tear, allowing for a bit of stretch, making them easy and flexible to wear.

  • Women - approx. 6.5 inches
  • Men -  approx. 8 inches

We recommend following our top tips for bracelet care to ensure longevity.

If you require a particular size or have any questions please contact