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What’s are the bracelets made from?

All the beads that we use are filled as opposed to plated which gives our bracelets a higher durability, longer life-span, and low skin sensitivity.  We use stretch wire to allow for flexibility. Our bracelets are made from the following:

  • 14k Gold Filled 
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Black agate frosted / semi-precious gemstone beads 

What sizes do the bracelets come in?

  • Women - approx. 6.5 inches
  • Men -  approx. 8 inches

If you would like an alternative size please contact

How do I look after my bracelets? 

We recommend to always remove your bracelets when in contact with water - showering, swimming, bathing and avoid body creams and perfume.

Sterling Silver naturally tarnishes with time so we recommend using a clean soft, lint-free cloth to clean.

Don't stretch your bracelet, they should be rolled on and off your wrist.

For more information visit Top Tips for Bracelet care page.

How and where are the bracelets made?

All our bracelets are handmade in Oxfordshire. 

I can’t find what I am looking for? 

If there is a particular wording or styling on a bracelet that you would like to order, please contact for more information.