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About us

Founded by three sisters from Oxfordshire, all with various skill sets who have come together to haul resources and to create something collectively…. 

Introducing Stacking Sisters

We wanted Stacking Sisters to be a reflection of our own style and a brand that we would be proud to wear. As sisters we are in sync with one another, especially when it comes to fashion, jewellery and the latest trends. We are all passionate about quality, attention to detail and wearability. We have spent a lot of time researching and sourcing the very best of beads to ensure we could create bracelets that could be worn everyday, are easy to swap and mix it up. 

We love wearing bracelets and wear them every day, but one is never enough. Our bracelets are designed to be stacked together for that perfect layered look, ideal to be worn with other ‘sister’ pieces that aren’t identical but similar… just like us three.

We hope you love stacking as much as we do!

Love and kisses